Cutthroat Christmas

December 15, 2024 - 5:00 pm-8:00 pm

Cut Loose Tree Farm is the only tree farm in Iowa that carries all 16 varieties of Christmas trees. They’re known for their perfectly pruned pines and beautiful balsams. But, it’s just before Christmas and a parasite has proven to put inventory in peril. President Pine (who prefers Christmas Cocktails rather than taking the family tree business too seriously) isn’t too concerned. Everyone else is, as jobs are on the chopping block. But wait! That chopping block just got more interesting…Who’s on it? Marketing Director, Sappy Selfie? The company’s accountant-and-resident karaoke queen, Merryoke? Perhaps Jack Frost or Holly N. Ivy is in the know…or maybe they’re about to be butchered themselves. It’s a prickly place for Christmas capers this fine December, for sure.