All shows are also available for private parties. Call 563-583-6100 ext. 203 for more information.

Murder at the Fish Fly Club

A night of mystery and intrigue in the wild and romantic era of the roaring 20’s! Buzz Nessman, the owner of Dubuque’s most popular speakeasy—the Fish Fly Club—has just been murdered. Was it the prohibitionist NA O’Doul or Buzz’s jealous business partner Bootleg Willie? Maybe it was the jazz singer Bea Sharpe or Betty Jane—Buzz’s sweet-but-not-so-innocent mistress. Join the bumbling detective, Jack Slickman, as the murder unfolds before your very eyes.

Brew House Mystery Dinner Theater

It’s 1908 and Star Brewery owner Joseph Rhomberg is in need of a new brew master. John Trick who held the job since the brewery opened in 1898 has left and his chatterbox assistant, Blabby Lifshitz wants the job. Confronted with a gambling debt to raw-boned beer wagon driver Staunch Brucker and the wedding plans of his passionate girlfriend Mazine Twiddler, Blabby pushes Rhomberg to take over the position, and offers a secret German beer recipe as enticement.

A Killer High School Reunion

You’ve come a long way in the last thirty years and so have your classmates. It’s time to reunite with your old friends (and enemies) to see what everyone’s become. Unfortunately for one of you…you’re a murderer who is destined to strike. It will be a reunion you won’t forget…if you live to tell about it!

An Irish Wake

Try to imagine the ballad “Finnegan’s Wake” transformed into the Irish version of “one of those Italian Weddings,” only in place of the nuptials, there’s a funeral. Then you’ve pretty much got the gist of the show. Better prepare your eulogies now.

Ho, Ho Homicide

With the Christmas season well on its way, everyone at the North Pole is working extra hard this year to make this a holiday to remember, but something’s amiss on Poinsettia Parkway. The newest, coolest, and most revered kids’ bike on the market—Zuzu’s Pedals—has some production issues. On top of that, Mrs. Claus is worried about Santa’s diet but mostly his sugary-sweet secretary Candy Cane. Add in some elves, an environmentalist who’s checking everything twice, and a perky Customer Service Rep who covers Santa’s Ho, Ho Hotline, and you’ve got a Ho, Ho, Hilarious Homicide.


The citizens of Maybury, IL, have invited you to join them for a special pitch-in supper at Aunt Em’s to honor famed filmmaker Sam Goldwin who’s in town filming his new movie honoring Maybury’s own Sheriff Randy Taylor. The night starts out great, then things begin to go wrong…someone has been poisoned! It’s up to the guests to reveal the murderer’s identity- interrogate characters, eavesdrop on conversations, do whatever is needed piece together the puzzle, and bring justice to Maybury.

Unlucky In Love

Looking for a Killer Night out on the town? The Baron Klaus and Baroness Hilda von Ludwig cordially invite you to the engagement party of their only daughter Heidi to the Count Froderick von Franck of Frankfurt, or is he???? Let’s face it, marriage can be murder! Before the happy couple pronounces any “I do’s,” the authorities pronounce…a death. Come help the Inspector at PRYE, SNEKE & PEEKATIM DETECTIVE AGENCY figure out WHODUNNIT?